Founding Families of Monee: Magdelena Klein Bischmann

Klein, Magdalena

Photo taken about 1907

Magdelena Helene Klein Bischmann (1848-1908)

Magdelena Helene Klein was the first white child born in Monee township, then known as Carey. She was the daughter of August (1811-1887) and Madeline (Boehl) (1816-1860) Klein.

In addition to Magdelena, August and Madeline Klein had seven other children. The first 5, Lucinda, Christina, Heinrich, Wilhelmina and Louisa were born in Dodenau, Hessen, Germany and the youngest two, Carl and Maria were born in the United States. The family emigrated from Germany, landing in New York in 1850. They settled in Monee and began a farming legacy in the area.


Bischmann, Philip Sr.

Phillip Bischmann Sr.Abt 1907

Magdelena Klein married Phillip Bischmann Sr. (1842-1925) on 26 Jul 1869. Phillip was the son of Ludwig (1795-1878) and Christina (Schick) (1803-1867) Bischmann.

Phillip Sr. was born April 19, 1842 in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and died September 6, 1925 in Monee.


Returning from the Monee Fair – 1908


Magdelena and Phillip Sr. had 2 children; Phillip Jr. and Magdelena.

  1. Philip Jr. married Antonetta Pauling, the daughter of H.F. and Johanna (Heitschmidt) Pauling and had one daughter, Flora. Flora married Albert Kannberg.
Bischmann, Philip Jr and Pauling, Antonetta

Antonetta (Pauling) Bischmann and Phillip Bischmann, Jr..

2. Magdelena was born February 24, 1864. Magdelena was baptized in St. Paul’s Church on April 3, 1876 and confirmed there in 1890. On March 18, 1896, she married William Deutsche in the groom’s home. They lived at 25911 S. Linden Lane, in a house that still exists today. William was the son of William and Elisa (Hinze) Deutsche.

Bischmann, Phillip Jr., Miller, Mathilde and Bischmann, Magdelena

L-R: Phillip Bischmann, Jr., Mathilde Miller Holden (a cousin) and Magdelena Bischmann Deutsche

Grandson W. Lee Deutsche says that since his grandma was hard of hearing, his parents would constantly tell him to “speak up” when talking to her. To this day, Lee says that’s the reason he speaks so loudly. The couple had 6 children:

  • Maude Magdalena Doretta (1896-1991) married Harold Ruder (1900-1975) and the couple had two children:
    • Lois Maude
    • Ralph Harold
  • William Phillip Friedrich (1899-1918)
  • Infant (1904-1904)
  • Edgar Richard (1906-1993) who married Mildred Wolke. They had three children:
    • Richard Arden
    • Diane
    • Donald
  • Leroy John (1909-1996) married Esther Lydia Bartels (1913-1991). The couple had two children:
    • William Lee
    • David Edgar
  • Ruby Maude Ida Flora (1913-2007) married William Podratz (1901-1992). They had one daughter:
    • Rose

Magdelena Klein Bischmann died 31 Mar 1908 at age 60 and in Blue Island and was buried in St. Paul’s cemetery April 4, 1908.


Bischmann Gravestone at St. Paul’s Cemetery

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