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Gunderson Painting

Founding Families of Monee: Jacob (1834-1908) and Mary Ann (Mammoser) Vatter (1838-1928)

Jacob Vatter was born on November 5, 1834 in Geiselberg, Germany as the first child of Adam Vatter and Eva Roschy. He had five siblings: Eva, Frank, Magdalena “Lena”, Katharina…

Mary Ann Mammoser cir. 1907

Jacob Vatter cir. 1907

Ship – Robert L. Lane

Painting of the “Robert L. Lane”, about 1850 by by Samuel Walters

Founding Families of Monee: Magdelena Klein Bischmann

Magdelena Helene Klein Bischmann (1848-1908) Magdelena Helene Klein was the first white child born in Monee township, then known as Carey. She was the daughter of August (1811-1887) and Madeline…

Monee Creamery Granted Landmark Status

After five years of hard work, the Monee Creamery was granted landmark status by the Will County Historic Preservation Commission in 2016. The Commission’s report and the research done by…

Monee Intermediate Public School 1909

1903 Confirmation Class of St. Paul's Church

Leola Emde

Monee Memories: Leola (Sonneborn) Emde

By Christi Holston I love Monee. I am a lifelong resident of this community, and I can’t see myself ever living anywhere else! Monee has seen me as an infant being baptized at…

St. Paul's Salt Pepper Band

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