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Presentation: Monee’s Native American Past, Movie & Presentation

MHS will host Monee’s Native American Past, Movie and Presentation on November 12, 10 am – 3 pm at the Heritage Center

Monee’s Native American Past

November 12, 10a and 1p

10a – Screening of Princess Monee, the Real Story

1p – Local Expert Mark Madsen presents ‘Native Trails Through Monee and Surrounding Area’

Mark has been an avocational archaeologist and researcher since 1982 and has an M.A. in History. He was past president of the Chicago Archaeological Society and is a member of the Midwest Archaeological Conference, the IAAA, CAS, and the South Suburban Archaeological Society.
Since 1982 he has written more than a dozen books on topics related to Chicago Area History and Archaeology.
in recent years he has focused attention around Crete, Illinois, where the Vincennes Trail intersected with a branch of the Sauk Trial used in rainy seasons. Crete-Monee and Exchange Avenues ran near this trail. Monee was at the headwaters of Rock Creek trail leading down to the Kankakee River with its choice quarry areas for making tools, and an 80-foot high rock bluff. Not far away was Bourbonnais, Kankakee, and “Soldier’s” Potawatomi Village

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